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Let's Exchange The Experience

Dustin Ragland works in the borderlands of music technology, education, and performance, with a focus on connections between philosophy and contemporary music.


Working as a touring + session drummer for 12 years, with a background in ancient languages, Dustin has built up connective tissue between the hands-on act of music creation and textual explorations into sound and technology. He has presented sound installations and lectures at the OK Contemporary Gallery, Science Museum Oklahoma, MAINSITE Norman, and the OKC Museum of Art. He writes and performs music as Young Weather.


Dustin has been a professor of music production at the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma since 2010, an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2014, and is an active studio engineer, live, and session musician. He is currently working on a Masters of Music Technology, and doing research and composition with Max/MSP to provide pitched ambient dimension to traditional acoustic percussion via real-time granular synthesis.

what noisy cats are we.



Young Weather - Colonia Solidaridad (artist)

Plainspeak - Cautionary Animal EP (mastering)

Datachoir - Merci EP (mastering)

Ember HQ

Beautiful + Violent (drums, mix, programming)

Doug Burr / Beau Jennings & The Tigers

Split 7" Clerestory AV (bass, mellotron, engineering)

Samantha Crain / John Calvin Abney

Split 7" Clerestory AV (engineering, mix)

Lord Buffalo (engineering)

Special Thumbs (engineering)

Alex Coleman (drums, programming)

Josh Hogsett (engineering)

Ester Drang (engineering)

Costello (engineering)


Split 7" Clerestory AV (engineering)

Jason Hawes (drums)

Joe George - Songs at the Shop

Walrus Audio live video session (drums)

Cory Wong

Luminary V2 Pedal Demo (engineering)

Alyssa Joy 

Howlin/The Deeps EP (drums, mix, production)


Young Weather

Geographies - (written, recorded, performed)

Hospital Music - (written, recorded, performed)

Pro and Contra - (written, recorded, performed)

Flash Bones - (written, recorded, performed)

Colonia Solidaridad - (written, recorded, performed)

Hannah Ashbrook

Self-Titled (drums, engineering)

Alyssa Joy

Streams - (mix, drums, programming)

Gentle Ghost

Second Arrow - (mix, engineering)


Resolve - (drums)


Labors - (mix)

Ross King

This Hope Will Guide Me - (drums)

Todd Wright

Songs For Singing - (drums)


Vision - (production, drums, mix)

Pizza + Sunshine - (production, drums, mix)

EMMAUS - (mix, drums, programming)

The Ringer (Bill Simmons Media Group)

Podcast music composition, production

Keepin' It 1600

The Watch Pod

The NFL Show

The NBA Show

Video music composition, production

Mustache Bros.

Frontline Music

High + Humble King (drums, bass, programming)


(mix, engineering, production)

OBNEAC Cassette Series

(mix, engineering)

Summit Rd

Summit Rd (drums, bass, programming, production, mix)

Songs At The Shop (Walrus Audio Live Video Series)

(live tracking, mix)

Mutemath, Colony House, Jake McMullen, Sports, Horse Thief, Zach Winters

Charlie Hall 

Flying Into Daybreak - (drums, percussion, programming)

Live Roots - (drums, programming)

September Through November - (drums, programming)

Passion (Live) - 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2013 - (drums, additional engineering)

The Bright Sadness - (drums, percussion, programming)

The Rising - (drums, percussion, programming)

The Death Of Death - (producer, engineer, drums, programming)

Advent EP - (producer, engineering, mixer, drums, programming)



Tranquilizers, Brain Screwdrivers, and A Book Full Of Cheery Poems

(producer, engineering, drums, programming, various instruments)

Looking On The Bright Side

(producer, engineering, drums, programming, various instruments)


Ordinary Neighbors

The Necessary Dark - (drums, percussion, programming)


Matt Lowery

A Star I Can't Reach - (producer, engineering, mixer, drums)

"Run Away With Me" - (drums)


Both Girls

Both Girls - (drums, programming)



The Lockout (A Musical) - (producer, engineering)


The Night Nights

Tucked In - (producer, engineering, mixer, programming)


Eutopian Accident

The Red Land Tradition - (my own music, recorded, written, performed)

13 Original Colonies

The Winter Months - (producer, engineering, mixer, drums, programming)


Ryan McClellan

Roots Music - (producer, engineering, mixer, drums)


DM Stith

Heavy Ghost - (drums on "Creekmouth"


Kinsey Charles

The Keeper - (producer, engineering, drums, bass, guitars, keys)


The Verses Project (various artists)

31 verses w/ various artists

find them here


Student Film

Generator, Operator, Destroyer - (additional drums)

Spring EP - (additional drums)

Winter EP - (additional drums)

Facts and Values - (drums)


Dr. Pants

Gardening In A Tornado - (drums)

The Cusack-Loggins EP - (drums, engineering, mixer)

The Trip - (co-producer, engineering, drums, programming)

Bigger On The Inside/Screwdriver Is Sonic (single/B-side) - (engineering, mixer)


Doug Matlock

Singing Seems To Help A Troubled Soul

 (producer, engineering, mixer, drums, bass, various instruments)



Nothing Proper - (engineering, drums, programming)


Brand New Mountain Speeches (various artists)

(producer, engineering, drums, various instruments)


Ben Hill

Rescue - (drums)

Hymnody Red (producer, engineering, mixer)


Chris Stewart

Awe - (producer, engineering, mixer, drums, programming)


Davis Harwell

A Glimpse Of The Summit - (drums)


Mikah Young

"Fields and Futures" - (drum engineering)


Justin Lawrence

Wonders Of Grace - (producer, engineering, mixer, additional programming)


So Rejoice

Riches - (producer, engineer, mixer)

The Reprise - (producer, engineer, mixer)


Ross King

This Hope Will Guide Me - (drums)


Shameless Plug

Unending Praise - (producer, mixer, additional drums, additional programming)


Jenna Davis

Christmas All-Skate - (producer, engineering, drums, programming)

Sicilian Splash - (producer, engineering, drums, programming)


Don Paul Shreffler

World's Too Small - (producer, engineering, drums, programming)


Aaron Hansel

Ashes - (drums)

Where You Are - (drums)


Talitha Ghazanfari

Hope Deferred - (producer, drums, guitars)


Goff N' Rags

Christmas Extravaganza - (producer, programming)


Mark Stansberry

Americana: The Journey Of Life - (mixer)


Dennis Jernigan

Kingdom Come - (drums)


Five & Two

Hope - (drums)


David Henson

Old Dog, New Tricks (producer, engineering, mixer, drums, bass, guitars)


Zach Payne 

Zach Payne - (drums)


The Shrubs

5 Inch Revolution (drums)


Lisa Weyerhaeuser 

Life On Earth - (drums)


Mark Groutas

Day Three - (drums)


Cordelia's Rebellion

Cordelia's Rebellion - (drums)


From Dust We Came (various artists)

(producer, engineering, mixer, various instruments)


Josh Eddington

To Be With You - (drums)


Todd Wright 

Songs For Singing - (drums)


Harvest Bible Church (Davenport, IA)

Alive In Me (drums)


- Film Scoring Work -



(feature film)


The Skit Guys

-My Mom

-This is A Soldier


J. Oxford Productions


-Kate & Saalima, Episode 2

In addition to my original music as Young Weather, 

I produce, engineer, mix, and play instruments on many projects throughout the year. 

I own and operate Mir Studio, a small but mighty space on the west-central side of OKC. I am always happy to schedule and plan booking for individual songwriters, session musicians, and bands. I also enjoy helping artists to plan their project financially, product-wise, and get ready for live performance, as part of the production process. 


I am also an Ableton Certified Trainer, and am happy to explore private lessons, training,

and custom Max For Live device development with you.


To set up any of these please contact me HERE 

Some of my Max For Live Devices

available on for free




Retorno Delay

Samus Synth

Button Bend 

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