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I have written three wee instrumental pieces and released them digitally on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, and here on the website. 

It is called Pro and Contra. Enjoy it wisely, and fully. 


Hospital Music is out in all digital sources, including in the Shoppe here on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, etc. are all represented. 

You can also get Hospital Music as an LP, on 180g high-quality acetate. You get a free download with the LP version, of course. This is available at shows, and in the online Shoppe

There is also a new T Shirt, limited edition to Hospital Music's release in limited quantites, available, yes, you guessed it, the Shoppe!



Young Weather set to release a new LP, entitled Hospital Music. 




Hospital Music is the follow up to 2013's Geographies, which saw Young Weather (Dustin Ragland, with various, frequent collaborators)  consolidate an electro-rock collage into varying themes per song. Written in between another work in progress, Hospital Music chronicles the tumult of an artist navigating the constant shifting of musical life, the terror of anxiety and panic, and a stormy entrance into parenthood. Ragland continues the journey of welding synthetic and organic musical instruments on this LP - including using only vocal samples from local OKC artists for the entirety of the synthesis that is used. Letting the drums be a bit more wild, the lyrics taut and uncomfortable at times, and the layers never get too dense, Hospital Music is the sound of limits in love, consciousness, and emotional imagination - pressed against and transgressed to create something vital. 


Preorder the 180 gram LP at


Hospital Music is for pre sale at Qrates, a vinyl press and preorder company. 

To make costs all even out, the LP is 21$ US, but to help fill that hard fought money for each purchaser, each LP order includes:


A 180 gram LP record shipped to you

A free Young Weather t shirt

A free custom art print with handwritten lyrics (you are welcome to choose your song - email with your selection - otherwise Dustin will choose) 

Free digital download of MP3, AAC, or other hi- or lo-res format.

Free digital download of  ambient acoustic re-imaginings of each song 


Hospital Music will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and the usual spots sometime in early June, 2016. While streaming sites are excellent ways to listen on the go, share with others, etc. it helps all artists immensely when you invest in their work via purchase, digitally, or otherwise. Many, many thanks. 









Yes, Geographies, this full length sonic love child, will be available via your favorite digital retailer, including, but not limited to: iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, etc.


It would be my honor to have you along for a musical journey, if you wish, so please visit any of those retailers from July 9 on. 


You will find links to both major retailers (iTunes and Bandcamp) on the MUSIC page. 








Young Weather is 

the musical project of Dustin Ragland

Formerly known as


Eutopian Accident

Recorded music, live shows, gallery music, ambient compositions

all compose the various adventures of Dustin as he works between

textures both electronic and acoustic, driven by pop music sensation and punk music inflection and future music complication. 

Various collaborators join Dustin in live settings,


Clayton Fike, Quint Anderson, Mark Soulsby, Ben Freeman

In addition, you will find information here on

Mir Studio: Dustin's recording studio in Oklahoma City

Production information for musicians, songwriters, and bands

and Ableton Live + Push studies and private instruction

contact information is on the website HERE

what noisy cats are we.

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