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ACM 4910: Advanced Ableton Live


Bloom’s Taxonomy Applied


Remembering: A good portion of the first few weeks will be recalling the fundamentals of Ableton Live, and it’s unique workflow compared to other digital audio workstations.


Understanding: The students will have weekly opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the techniques they are using by presenting their setups to the class.


Applying: The students will be applying their own techniques each week to individual musical styles and equipment setups, adapting to various MIDI controllers, studio equipment, and computer software.


Analyzing: There are several performance elements in the semester where students will need to offer analyses of their fellow artists’ work in mixing, composition, and performance.


Evaluating: When evaluating their own and others’ performances, mixes, and compositions, the students will be required to use a clear, and meaningful set of terms, and do so with respect and understanding of their fellow artists’ intentions and creativity.


Creating: Throughout the semester, the students are creating usable, original musical pieces that can, and should be used outside of class, as well as using the advanced programming in Max For Live to create a custom, original instrument, audio effect, responsive visual effect, or MIDI effect.

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